5 Huskies Making Funny Faces

1. What You Know About Rocking a Wolf On Your Noggin?

He obviously is thoroughly confused as to what is going on right now… but once he hears Macklemore’s song he’ll soon realize it’s okay to be different. 

What's on my Head?

2. Almost… Got… It…

I can’t watch him anymore, I’d have to slide him the cookie! 

Almost Got It

3. Cuddle Buddies are the Best Buddies

There aren’t many things in the world that are cuter than a husky puppy cuddling with a husky stuffed animal. I mean come on! The cuteness is just too much!

Cuddle Buddy

4. Hey Girl, You Looking To Go on a Walk With Me?

Ridiculously charming Husky right there…

Hey Girl


Husky Funny

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